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Cuando se trata de curación, ¡tenemos lo que necesitas!

Nuestro equipo de expertos está aquí para optimizar su recuperación.


Our Patients Are Our #1 Priority

Our team of bilingual experts have been assisting patients recover from orthopedic injury and surgery for over a decade. We offer multi-modality healing solutions for at home recovery with 24/7 customer support. Our main goal is and will always be to make our patients recovery process as simple and as safe as possible.  Call us today to learn how we can get you back to enjoying life pain free!

We Pursue Exceptional Outcomes

We have built our exclusive portfolio with patient needs in the forefront of our minds and we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions for a wide variety of injuries. We help with the following:

Drug Free Pain Management Solutions
Life Threatening Blood Clot (DVT/VTE) Prevention
Increased Recovery Times
Reduction Of Swelling And Inflammation
Acceleration Of Tissue Healing
At Home Therapy

Prescription For Happier Patients

CRYOMEDIC is leading the way to support patients with non-pharmacological options that significantly improve patient pain levels. With the current opioid epidemic our nation is facing, we are proud to see our patients relying less and less on traditional pain medication during their recovery. Medical professionals across the nation are joining our movement and prescribing our services for happier and healthier patients.

Multi-Modality Healing Solutions

Recovery Re-Engineered

The VT5 from Thermotek is a first-class, iceless thermal compression therapy system, that can be prescribed by your doctor in order to aid in quicker and more effective recovery after injury or surgery. It offers mechanical DVT Prophylaxis which significantly reduces patients risk of deadly blood clots following surgery. This multi modality healing solution helps with pain management, reduces risk of blood clot (DVT/VTE), reduces swelling and inflammation, increases range of motion, collectively resulting in quicker recovery.

Pain Management With Less Opioids
Reduce Your Risk Of Blood Clots / DVT
Recover Faster!

DC Stimulation For Rapid Pain Relief

The Micro-Z™ II from Prizm Medical is a DC stimulator. The pulse-directed current penetrates deeply into the patient’s tissue bed to promote microcirculation and the reduction of swelling, which encourages healing.

Increases Microcirculation For Soft Tissue Healing
Deep Tissue Penetration For Rapid Pain Relief 
Reduces Swelling And Inflammation


I want to recover from my injury or surgery with less pain and less opioid medication.

Medical Professionals

I want to help my patients make a strong recovery with less opioid medication.


Call today and learn how CRYOMEDIC can provide the assistance you need to heal safer and quicker than ever before!

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