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Science behind

our Technology


Mechanism of Action

  1. Electrical current applied

  2. Cell membrane potential is altered

  3. Voltage sensitive channels in cell membrane are opened

  4. Increased Ca++ uptake

  5. Increased intercellular Ca++ level

  6. Insulin receptor sites are uncapped

  7. Increased insulin binding occurs

  8. Enhanced protein and DNA synthesis results

  9. Enhanced fibroblast formation

  10. Healing promoted by the release of VEGF

Bourguigwow, G. & Bourguigwow, L. (1987-1989) reported this stepwise process leading to healing.

Microamperage Current

Promotes Soft Tissue Healing

  • Cheng et al. (1982) cited direct currents at 500 uA (microamp) resulted in a 500% increase in ATP. The same ranges of stimulus intensity greatly enhanced amino acid incorporation (member transport). With currents higher than 1000 uA, a significant drop in ATP production resulted. Protein synthesis was also seen to be greatly increased by microamperage electrical current.

  • Becker et al. (1967) stated that externally applied electrical currents stimulate biologic homeostasis, which activates feedback mechanisms, and therefore resulted in tissue repair and replacement.

Evidence Based Medicine

  • 50 years of clinical studies > 118 peer reviewed and published medical research.* A meta analysis of 95%. (now available for in-home use)

  • The center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) on July 25, 2002, stated, “The use of electrical stimulation will be covered as an adjunctive therapy only after there are no measurable signs of healing for at least 30 days of treatment with standard wound therapy and must be used in addition to standard wound care.”

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Clinical Practical Guidelines state:

“At this time, electrotherapy is the only adjunctive therapy with sufficient supporting evidence to warrant recommendation by the panel.”

  • 4 Published Prizm Studies on Wound Healing, Pain Relief, and Perfusion.

  • Proof of clinical evidence rating of “A” by EPUAP and NPUAP in 2009.

Therapy While Sleeping...

The human body goes into a natural healing cycle when in a sleeping state.

  • 70% of growth hormones are produced during sleep.

  • Fibroblast cells are more active during sleep.

  • The Micro-Z™ II promotes microcirculation while enhancing the body’s own healing mechanism.

Are you ready to relieve your pain, drug free?

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