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Medical Professionals

Prescription for Happier Patients

We’re here to help provide you with alternatives to opioid pain medications that are just as effective or more effective than opioid medications.

The environment today puts a strong emphasis on using alternatives to narcotics to treat pain. Studies have proven that combining thermal therapy and compression has been more effective at reducing post-op narcotic usage than thermal therapy alone.

CRYOMEDIC is striving to help relieve the stress on physicians caused by the opioid epidemic. Our team of experts specialize in:

Drug Free Pain Management Solutions
Simple, Easy To Use, At Home Therapy
24 / 7 Customer Support

Are you seeking an alternative to opioids to help manage your patients pain?

Ready to get started?

Simply use the form below to provide us with some quick information, and we will have a member of our dedicated recovery support team contact you to get started. 

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