The CRYOMEDIC SYSTEM© is a first-class, iceless cold therapy machine, that can be prescribed by your doctor in order to aid in quicker and more effective post-operative recovery. Our patient-driven therapy provides post-surgical care that is the safest alternative to traditional ice therapies and has also been shown to reduce the usage of pain medications. CRYOMEDIC utilizes Iceless Cold Compression Therapy (ICCT), which is the leading technology in blood clot prevention, pain management, inflammation reduction, range of motion and rapid recovery. 

How it Works

Our machines are expertly constructed to greatly reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) through compression wraps that improve blood flow to the surgical site. This simulates the action of walking even while sitting. The thermoelectric (iceless) technology sends cooled fluid through a therapy wrap which helps ease pain, discomfort and swelling. Unlike ice packs which melt, our CRYOMEDIC SYSTEM© maintains a consistent temperature of 43ºF, reducing the risk of frostbite and tissue damage.


Recovery Re-Engineered
The prevention of DVT and Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) is key to optimal recovery; however, most healing alternatives fail to address these critical complications. Orthopedic surgeries are high-risk procedures, accounting for over half a million DVT related complications and more than 100,000 DVT patient deaths per year. The CRYOMEDIC SYSTEM© provides a solution for DVT/VTE reduction and healing management.

Call today, and learn how CRYOMEDIC® can provide the assistance you need to heal quickly and safer then ever before!

24/7 Customer Service - We understand how difficult the recovery process can be, so this is why we guarantee around the clock support from our team of experts to assist with any questions you may have throughout your recovery.


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